weberfloor 4720

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Weber Myanmar

Weberfloor 4720 is suitable for strengthening extremely absorbent and chalking concrete or cement-based substrates in interior and exterior areas. The product is clear and leaves the original appearance of the surfaces. Weberfloor 4720 is ready-to-use  without any mixing required. It can be used on all cement-based floors that are subject to high mechanical and thermal stress. It also can be used to strengthen the floors before coating with epoxy/PU.


Available sizes

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To know before applying

  • Setting time 8 hours
  • Open to pedestrian traffic 12 hours
  • Open to full service 7 day
  • Temperature resistance -50 to +800 ํC
  • Application temperature (air) > +10 ํC to < +40 ํC

    Remark: These test results are from laboratory test. They could be slightly different from on-site results because of the differences in applications and conditions

Unfortunately the consumption calculator tool is not available for this particular product.

Please refer to the product printable datasheet in order to assess quantities needed for you project.

Features and benefits

  • Very good penetration
  • Highly strengthening effect
  • Reduce oil penetration
  • Highly water vapour permeable
  • Withstand high level of thermal stress
  • Environmental friendly - water-based and odorless
  • Easy to use
  • Fast drying


  • Standing water can leave white edges after it dries off. The removal of such stains is nearly impossible.
  • Strengthening of high polymer-modifies, cement-based patching or leveling mortars and calcium-sulphate screeds is not possible due to their low porosity.
  • Relative humidity rate while drying is 85% max.

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