weber floor dry hardner

Weber Myanmar

This product is part of our comfort range.

One-part construction adhesive based on synthetic rubber for interior and exterior which exhibits excellent
strength, flexibility, good temperature resistance and non-sagging.


Available sizes

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To know before applying

Properties Standard weberfloor dry hardener
Density - 1.55 g/cm3
Application temperature - +10 to +35 oC
Surface hardness Moh’s hardness 7 – 8 at 28 days
Abrasion resistance by rotating
cutter at 4 minutes (2 cycles) ASTM C944 Average wearing mass = 0.037 g
Open to light traffic - 12 hours
Open for full service - 7 days

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Please refer to the product printable datasheet in order to assess quantities needed for you project.

Features and benefits

  • Bonds to a wide range of substrates
  • Excellent initial bond strength (ideal green strength)
  • Polystyrene safe
  • Fast grab, easy installation
  • Designed for interior and exterior applications

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