weberfloor liquid hardener

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weberfloor liquid hardener is a one part clear liquid, used to harden the surface, to reduce dusting of new or old concrete. The product can also be used as a curing agent to reduce loss of water of new concrete while


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To know before applying

  • Consumption : 0.25 kg/sqm./coat
  • Solid content : 34.6%
  • Density : 1.26 g/cubic cm.
  • Capillary water absorption : 25.51% (EN 1062-3)
  • Abrasion resistance :  23% (EN 12808-2)
  • Pull-off test : 34.34% (EN 1542)
  • Schmidt hammer : 33.33% (ASTM C805)

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Please refer to the product printable datasheet in order to assess quantities needed for you project.

Features and benefits

  • Ready to use
  • Improve abrasion resistance
  • Improve resistance to impact
  • Reduce water absorption
  • Reduce dusting of concrete floor
  • Use as curing agent, to reduce loss of water of new concrete
  • Can be used with new and old concrete


1. Excess product might cause weak and glossy film on the surface.
2. Do not use the sprayer together with silicone or release agents.
3. weberfloor liquid hardener improves abrasion resistance of the surface comparing to untreated concrete. But the property could be reduced by the application conditions.
4. weberfloor liquid harderner will not compensate for poor substrates, substrates with high porosity, damaged substrates, or the substrates with low cement content.
5. weberfloor liquid hardener should be used on at least 7-day aged concrete.

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