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How to renew the interior wall ?

The walls are painted in certain periods with the reason for both innovation and cleanliness in living spaces. The purpose of the space to be painted, the style and physical conditions of the room and the color of the ambience to be created are the factors to be considered. 
Choosing among many paint brands, types and colors is a challenging process. This process can be supported by experts in the field, as well as decoration magazines, related websites and color cartoons can help the selection process. 

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Steps to be followed in interior wall refurbishment

  1. Preparing the space for paint

    The area to be painted is emptied, it is difficult to transport and heavy objects are covered so that it is not damaged. All tools and materials required for painting must be complete. Uncoloured surfaces (windows, doors, etc.) should be protected with masking tapes or nylon for cleanliness.

  2. Surface cleaning

    The surfaces to be painted must be cleaned from dirt, oil, rust, etc

  3. Surface preparation

    If the surface to be painted is not as smooth as it is, cracks, slits and cavities on the surface should be repaired first with a suitable leveling paste. The surface to be painted must be smoothed after the paste is dried..

  4. A suitable primer should be used before painting application. Priming is important and necessary in order to ensure good adhesion of the paint to be applied, filling of the pores, increase the adherence of the paint and reduce consumption of the top coat paint. 

  5. The selected paint should be applied considering the application properties. Care must be taken that at least 6 hours pass through the primer application. After priming, at least two coats of paint should be applied. The number of floors can be increased according to the characteristics of the paint and surface. Especially in case of color change in dark colors, it may be necessary to apply 3rd layer sometimes. It should be waited between 2-6 hours between each coat applied in dyeing process. The application should be done without interruption in order to prevent additional traces.

  6. If the paint dries one time during paint application, it should be cleaned with a wet cloth without the opportunity to dry. After the paint application is finished, the brush or roller is cleaned with water and some detergent.

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Weber.tec non-shrink grout+ is premixed cementitious non-shrink mortar suitable for grouting and concrete repairing works : columns, beams, precast construction cavities, gaps recesses, etc.

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