How to make rooftop Garden in a unique way.

Nowadays, people live in densely populated urban areas of the cities even having a small rooftop or patio is such a boon. You can create a garden there. You can sit there and enjoy.Surely you may have many plans about your rooftop garden design and style but considering these tips will be helpful too.

We help you define your project

Find great ideas

We have some great terrace garden design ideas and essential tips that you can use for inspiration on your rooftop.

Keep it open to looks like big.Grow tall plants and trees to maximize the view and environment and create raised beds and choose the style and theme for furniture. Good lighting arrange also give pleasure to the people and thus enhance the view. Utilize vertical space to become more attractive.


Find the project team

Visit to the experienced gardeners and home decorators to discuss about the designs and styles for rooftop garden. 

Estimate feasibility

Assess the environment, estimate the time and cost to ensure feasibility. Let the decorator advises the plant types and furniture. Temperature and weather condition also must be considered.



How to set up the rooftop garden successfully?

  1. Demolish and clean

    Firstly check the surface to be free from cracks and dusts and make sure the floor is waterproof.

  2. Start with plumbing and electricity

    Before flooring and gardening, all of the electrical and mechanical system are properly installed and plumbing work also should be done.

  3. Start making Beautiful things

    When finish the flooring, you can starts the garden works and decorates the rooftop with your colorful ideas. Vertical garden and some plant that does not need much water is more efficient for water sprinkling. Also, creating a mini playground for children is a great idea.

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