Weber innovative primers allow you to make quality rendering works with ease by addressing different needs. 

Repairing & Chemical Solutions

cement grouting

Cementitious grout

Revolutionized cementitious grouting specially formulated for bearings, footings, heavy duty support beneath machine base plates and parapet post base plates.

Surface preparation

primer for enhancing render bonding

Substituting complicated and troublesome rendering processes at ease with smart Weber's primer application. 

prim 2

Primer for tiling

Primer and bond enhancer for use over flexible substrate prior to the application of a tile adhesive.

texturing wall

Bonding Agent

Bonding agent to improve bonding between the old concrete and new concrete for rendering and repairing by skipping texturing process. 


Cracks repairing

Self-adhesive fiberglass mesh. Self-adhesive makes the product easy to use to increase bonding of either waterproof or skim coat to the substrates. Use to repair cracks, to reinforce joints between 2 pieces of drywall, before the application of waterproof or skim coat.

Waterproofing concrete admixture

Waterproof admixture for concrete and mortar

Weber's waterproofing admixture, mixing with water prior to mix with concrete, plaster, and screed. Water-reducer plasticizer deflocculates the cement particles and reduces surface water tension, leading to reduction of the mixing water, greater workability, and complete hydration of cement

weber's sealant filling application

Sealants, foams & fixing

Weber's sealants, foams and general fixing product allow you to easily seal off your different problematic joint areas with very little or less effort. 

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Weber Myanmar
Done with Weber

Weber.tec non shrink grout

Weber.tec non-shrink grout+ is premixed cementitious non-shrink mortar suitable for grouting and concrete repairing works : columns, beams, precast construction cavities, gaps recesses, etc.

Weber Swimming Pool
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Swimming pool construction I Chaung Tha Hotel

swimming pool on the beach side