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Waterproofing in building construction is the process of making a structure water-resistant or impervious to the ingress of water. Waterproofing is essential as it prevents water from penetrating buildings and helps to keep the interior areas dry. It helps in reducing the humidity inside the building, minimizing the damage done to furniture and alike.

In areas that experience high annual rainfall and occasional flooding events, water proofing is a must. It is important for basements and foundations to be waterproof especially in areas where the ground water table is high. In the case of high water table, water in the soil is likely to exert hydrostatic pressure on the basement floor and walls. This can force the water through the cracks, which can result in structural damages along with moisture-related problems such as mold, mildew and decay.

During monsoons, we all would have come across water seepages in the ceilings and walls or dampness in the aftermath of flooding. This is due to poor waterproofing. By waterproofing your house, you can safeguard your building from damage as well as the things inside your house from humidity and water exposure.


Why waterproofing?

  1. Safeguards the structural integrity of the building

  2. Prevents mold, mildew and decay

  3. Prevents metals from rusting and wooden furniture from decay

  4. Prevents seepages from the ceiling and walls

  5. Prevents dampness inside the building

  6. Property value increases

Weber waterproofing methods

Acrylic-based waterproof

Acrylic-based waterproofing

Acrylic-based waterproofing is ready to use super flexible for roof tops, roofs, external walls and also to fix leakage problems. It is UV resistant and able to reduce temperature inside the building by more than 8%. It is widely popular due to its simple and easy application with just roller, brush

cementitious waterproof

Cementitious waterproofing

Cementitious waterproof is suitable for underground areas and swimming pools. Able to resist both water pressure from inside and outside with pressure at the depth up to 50 m. Easy to use with brush and trowel. Design specially for hard water and chlorinate water

rooftop swimming pool

2-component flexible waterproofing

Weber's bi-component flexible waterproofing is highly recommend for high rise swimming pools and common problematic areas such as floor and wall corners whereby the structural movement could be occured.

waterproof tile adhesive

Waterproof tile adhesive

Tile adhesive with water resistant properties are widely use in the areas such as bathroom, kitchen and toilets etc to reinforce the waterproofed properties in the building. It help increase the property value by leveraging the long term usability of the building.

waterproofing tape

Waterproofing tape

Highly flexible tape highly recommend use along with waterproofing product to prevent water leaking from structural cracks such as floor and wall corners.

Waterproofing concrete admixture

Waterproofing admixture for concrete

Waterproof admixture for concrete and mortar. To increase waterproofing property in concrete, plaster, and screed

Weber Myanmar
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Weber.tec non shrink grout

Weber.tec non-shrink grout+ is premixed cementitious non-shrink mortar suitable for grouting and concrete repairing works : columns, beams, precast construction cavities, gaps recesses, etc.

Weber Swimming Pool
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Swimming pool construction I Chaung Tha Hotel

swimming pool on the beach side