Swimming pool construction I Chaung Tha Hotel

Weber.tai gres and weber.color HR 

The swimming pool was constructed on recovered land close to sea level.  The soil is an unstable mixture of sand and flint and the water table is, in places, only inches below the surface.  The actual swimming pool was built on the surface rather than into it, as is common practice.  While this eliminated the problem of building the pool into the water table, it also produced the problem of building the pool surrounds to level without the use of heavy structures.

Soil stabilization techniques had been employed on parts of the site, notably the car park, but care had to be taken to keep costs as low as possible since the pool had been financed from a variety of public sources and there was no flexibility in the budget. 

It is therefore we offer weber.tai gres and weber.color HR for the swimming tile adhesive and tile grout because of their strong bonding strength, durability and economy.