In the basement floors built as curtain concrete or knitted walls, waterproofing applications which are not made during building construction, faulty or incomplete waterproofing can cause humidity and water leakage problems on walls and floors over time.

The increasing problem with rains during the winter months causes the paint and other coatings to rupture on the surfaces, which can have negative consequences for health. This situation should be avoided by application of negative pressure waterproofing mortars on the basement walls and floors.

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The basement waterproofing systems prevent water from leaking into the basement and damaging the foundation and wood.

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Steps to follow in basement renovation

  1. Surface preparation

    The surface must be clean, dry, smooth and solid, dust, paint, lime and all other coatings on it must be scraped and cleaned until reaching a cement based rugged surface. Before application of the insulation layer, the surfaces should be moistened with water. 

  2. Angles of corners

    Apply weber.dry tex at vertical and horizontal corners to ensure the continuity of the seal and when the strength of sulphate is required, using weber.non-shrink grout repairing mortar to chamfered around it.

  3. Insulation layer implementation

    Proper waterproofing products must be prepared in accordance with the instructions for use, It should be applied in 2 coats. Especially in cement-based waterproofing products, each coat application must be perpendicular to the previous kata

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Weber.tec non shrink grout

Weber.tec non-shrink grout+ is premixed cementitious non-shrink mortar suitable for grouting and concrete repairing works : columns, beams, precast construction cavities, gaps recesses, etc.

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