wall preparation solution

Solutions for wall reinforcement & preparation

In Weber, we come up with innovative solutions for both exterior and interior wall solutions from plastering, wall reinforcement to bonding agent suitable for quality repair and construction. 

Wall Plastering Solutions

skim coating

Cementitious wall putty (or) thin plaster

Cementitious wall putty for obtaining smooth and fine finishings just by touching up lightly thickness between 0.5 - 2 mm. 

RTU skim coating

Ready to use skim coat

Ready to use skim coat ideal for renovation work suitable for clean and lower noise working conditions.  

cement plaster

Wall surface leveling plaster 2 - 10 mm thick

This is a thick kind of wall preparation mortars good for fixing uneven surface, slope, etc. 

reinforce fiber mesh

Reinforcement tape for wall crack

Reinforcement fiber mesh tape for enhancing durability of the concrete floor & wall with crack prevention properties. 

wall primer

Primer for render bonding

Creating quality wall with simple & easy to use primer for increasing bonding properties between the existing substrate and new screed. 

self-adhere tape

supporting tape for minor crack refurbishment

Self-adhere reinforcement tape idle for repairing minor cracks. 

weber's sealant filling application

Sealants, foams & fixing

Weber's sealants, foams and general fixing product allow you to easily seal off your different problematic joint areas with very little or less effort. 

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Our technical solutions

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Weber Myanmar
Done with Weber

Weber.tec non shrink grout

Weber.tec non-shrink grout+ is premixed cementitious non-shrink mortar suitable for grouting and concrete repairing works : columns, beams, precast construction cavities, gaps recesses, etc.

Weber Swimming Pool
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Swimming pool construction I Chaung Tha Hotel

swimming pool on the beach side