What is a splash coat? It is no longer needed with an application of weber.prim concrete

Today, let me explain you for a better understanding. "A splash coat" is a wet mixture of ordinary cement, water and chemical solution for chemical curing, and then applying a splash coat to make the walls get rough substrates to create more bonding strength.

Common issues and queries you can face

splash coating

Causes of inconsistent bonding by splash coating

Inconsistent bonding due to splash coating would be easily eliminated with the use of weber.prim concrete roller easily application.

Factors causing by splash coatings

Splash coating will cause subsequent problems as follows:

  1. Leave too much spaces in between splash coat will reduce plaster's bonding strength. It is a cause of cracked in plaster and peel-off plaster surface.

  2. It takes at least 1 day for splash coat hardening before plaster rendering.

As the materials used for making splash coat are made from a variety of materials, a constant quality control that cannot be provided well. After learning this fact, let's try to use weber.prim concrete, a bonding improving primer to general plaster which is easy to use, time-saving, just wait for 20 minutes before the application of any render materials.



  • Give bonding between conventional plaster and concretesubstrate, without the use of expensive concrete plaster
  • Replace textures
  • 5 times saving*
  • Reduce complicated steps of rendering on concrete walls andcolumns
  • Material and labor costs saving
  • Easy to use, fast and convenient

weber.prim concrete to increase bonding of plaster

Wall : to increase bonding with concrete substrate only usingconventional plaster

Floor: to increase bonding of new topping/leveling mortar, terrazzo,and exposed aggregate finish on existing concrete floor

weber.prim concrete + conventional plaster

weber.prim concrete +concrete/leveling mortar/exposed aggregate finish

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