Weber.dry top, flexible cementitious waterproof with 2 emulsion types, applicable for both floating and inground pools

How to do the job successfully?

We hope you to help with these following tips

  1. Check and Clean

    At first, your project area is whether old or new one surface conditions and other M & E works must be check. Its work properly and yet and then start to remove the unusable things and cover with plastic sheet on some untouchable things. 

  2. Water proofing

    1. Inspect leaking area, waterlogged area and fix cracks found. If rooftop floor is in a basin shape, prepare floor leveling, and make floor slopes toward drain pipe which should be in a larger size and enough amount for water drainage according to rooftop space.
    2. Clean rooftop substrate until no moss, concrete scraps and sand.
    3. Provide waterproofing system on rooftop floor with application of is weber.dry top, a cementitious based product.
    4. In order to provide waterproofing system, it'd better to enhance strength and adhesion to waterproofing materials and floor with reinforced fiberglass mesh, weber.fibermesh 100 to embed with waterproof products by installation after first waterproof layer.
    5. Use a roller to get air bubbles out of fiberglass mesh and to make it to be embedded into the floor.
    6. After letting it dry, apply waterproof layer again until mesh is not seen.
  3. Decorating with tiles

    From having inspected tiling, the most frequent problems and also obstacles on several sites is tiling with traditional mortar (thick layer feature from mixing of low ratio of sand with mortar that makes mortar flaky and dislodged later.)

    Then, I have searched more to get additional information about tile adhesives and found many tile adhesive brands in the market. However, the first brand I have to think about is Weber's tile adhesives under Geckotrademark, weber.tai cem (in blue bag) which is recommended! The distributor suggests that weber.tai cem is standard tile adhesive for laying granite tiles, tiles size up to 60x60 cm. The price is inexpensive and good value when compared with its quality. This is why I would like to confirm that weber.tai cem's quality is worth the price as far as I have checked its main points compared with other brands. Therefore, you can notice that Weber's tile adhesives under Gecko trademark cares about people and their environment as product's quality standard is certified on its bag; low VOCS, Green Industry. This tile adhesive can support tiling for good bonding and beautiful works.

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Weber.tec non shrink grout

Weber.tec non-shrink grout+ is premixed cementitious non-shrink mortar suitable for grouting and concrete repairing works : columns, beams, precast construction cavities, gaps recesses, etc.

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