Tiling onto green screeds or concrete

Green screeds are usually 1:3 or 1:4 cement and sand at a usual thickness of 50mm. These screeds can be applied both bonded directly onto a concrete base or un-bonded (applied on to a polythene sheet damp proof membrane). Both screed and concrete are referred to as being green during the period from application through to the time it gains strength and reaches dimensional stability.

Common issues and queries you can face


Tile debonding is sometimes happen even in small area. This is why? we need to find the answer for this problem.

Repairing method and prevention of debonding

So, Weber under Gecko trademark would like to suggest repairing method and prevention of debonding problem of wall tiles with easy 8-steps with weber.tile flex, a high-quality and flexible tile adhesive, and weber.color outside, a flexible tile grout ideal.


  1. Substrate preparation - Take up the old dedonding and cracked tiles with a chisel. Check if substrate is smooth, solid and level.
  2. Tile preparation - Clean the tiles until free from dirts, cement and stain. Do not make them wet or humid.
  3. Select weber.tile flex, a high-quality tile adhesive, which is flexible, strong bonding and resistant to all weather conditions.
  4. Laying tiles with weber.tile flex, spread vertically consistent amount of adhesive onto wall. Then, have adhesive buttered thoroughly at the back of every tile before tiling on walls.
  5. Grout joint lines with weber.color outside, a flexible tile grout ideal - wait tile adhesive to fully dry.
  6. It is recommended to leave a 3-12 mm gap between floor tiles.
  7. It is recommended to leave a 5-6 mm gap between movement joints for every 60 sqm and further fill up the joints with silicone sealants.
  8. At tile elbow, pole corner or jointing area between of different types of surfaces, it is recommended to leave a 5-6 mm gap between joints and further fill up the joints with special silicone sealants.

Problem of wall tiles is something related to our life. You should take it into account, select good construction materials to avoid problems that may arise in the future.


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