weber.tape BE 14

weber.tape BE 14

This product is part of our comfort range.

Reinforced waterproofing tape

Application Areas

painted wall, interior tiles, lightweight block, Gypsum board, wood, cement-fiber board, viva board, polyster, smooth concrete wall, interior tile surfaces, Rigid concrete

Documentation and brochures

To know before applying

depends on the length and the number of joints

1. Clean the substrate properly and apply primer (1 part of weber.dry seal + 4

parts of water) thoroughly.

2. Apply weber.dry top (no primer needed) or weber.dry seal on the joint with at

least 10 cm width on each side. 

Unfortunately the consumption calculator tool is not available for this particular product.

Please refer to the product printable datasheet in order to assess quantities needed for you project.

Features and benefits

  • Strength reinforce between wood-cement board, cement-fiber board, gypsump board
  • High flexible and 100% waterproof
  • Peripheral joitn between floor and wall
  • It's highly recommended to use with acrylic waterproof weber.dry seal and flexible waterproofing slurry weber.dry top


  • Mineral oils are not applied where there is a possibility of contact with aromatic compounds such as benzene, gasoline and toluene.