weberdry PUR seal

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This product is part of our comfort range.

weberdry PUD coat is a one-component, solvent-free liquid applied
waterproofing membrane. weberdry PUD coat is highly flexible
and UV-resistant to waterproof roof decks, terraces, balconies,
and metal roofs.

Available sizes

  • [duplicate] 20kg

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To know before applying

Density 1.35 g/cm3 at +23 ํC
Solid content 50% by volume
Service temperature -5 ํC to +80 ํC (with weberdry fleece)
Tensile strength – ASTM D412
1.0 N/mm2 (without reinforcement)
4.0 N/mm2 (with weberdry fleece)
Elongation at break – ASTM D412
300% (without reinforcement)
70% (with weberdry fleece)
Rain resistance 2-8 hours
Full cure 2-4 days

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Please refer to the product printable datasheet in order to assess quantities needed for you project.

Features and benefits

• Highly flexible
• UV resistant
• Excellent adhesion on porous and
non-porous substrates
• Seamless waterproofing membrane
• Solvent-free, non-toxic
• One-component, ready to use


Do not apply on substrates with rising moisture. Always apply
during falling ambient and substrate temperatures. If applied
during rising temperature, pin holes may occur from rising air.
• Ensure the temperature does not drop below 8 ํC and the relative
humidity does not exceed 80% until the membrane has fully cured.
• Ensure that the coating is thoroughly dry and the surface is
without pinholes before applying any top coat.
• Do not allow temporary ponding to remain between coats on
any horizontal surfaces or until the final coat has totally cured.
Brush or mop surface water away during this time.
• Do not apply on roofs subject to long-term water ponding with
subsequent periods of frost. In cold climatic zones for roofing
structures with a pitch of less than 3% appropriate measures
must have to be considered.
• Do not apply directly on to insulation boards.
• Not recommended for high pedestrian traffic. In case heavy
traffic is unavoidable, it shall be covered with appropriate covering
materials such as tiles, stone plates, or wooden panels.

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